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Herstaco B.V. and Herstaco Tube Welding B.V. are happy to be of service to you.

Herstaco B.V. is one of Europe’s largest stockists of first choice and downgraded, second choice steel pipes.

Herstaco Tube Welding B.V. is a well-known, experienced, qualified welding company specialized in laying crosswelds, welding sheet pile lock and performing construction work.

With 60.000 metric tons of steel tubes on stock, Herstaco guarantees its customers a short delivery time, at competitive rates.

With nearly 50 years of experience Herstaco is distinctive to serve its customers well and quickly. The deep and wide stock steel tubes, the possibility to cut the steel pipes autogenously, the presence of the welding company Herstaco Tube Welding BV, coupled with the extensive logistics knowledge and experience, ensure the right product in the right quality, a short delivery time, competitive rates and satisfying solutions.

Please call Herstaco for your inquiry for steel pipes or order: +31 118 635 511

Safe, fast handling of steel pipes and saving on operational costs? The Pipe Grabber ® does it all.

The patented Pipe Grabber ® – an invention of the creative and technical people of Herstaco – makes loading and unloading of steel pipes faster, safer and also provides a significant save on the operational costs.