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About Herstaco

Herstaco B.V. is one of Europe’s largest stockists of first choice and downgraded, second choice steel pipes. Herstaco is a family business, specialized in the outside diameter range of 168 to 2.500 mm, in various wall thicknesses. Herstaco is also an expert in delivering added value services to its customers, such as performing welding and construction activities.

The company was founded in 1967 by Mr. Paul Hermsen and since then developed into one of Europe’s leading stockists of steel pipes. The Sealand (Zeeland) steel pipes specialist built the company into a leading international supplier in Europe, serving its customers well and fast, delivering quality and providing additional value services to its customers. Herstaco is well known and has a strong network among its customers, suppliers and various partner companies. Herstaco speaks your language, and you can count on appropriate solutions.

Herstaco offers the following range of products and services to its customers:

  • stockholder of first choice, certified (3.1/ 3.2) steel pipes
  • stockholder of downgraded, second choice steel pipes (uncertified)
  • cutting the steel pipes on the length required by autogenous cutting (flame cutting)
  • welding the steel pipes welding to the length required by Herstaco Tube-Welding BV: qualification up to X70
  • performing construction work
  • arranging sandblasting and coating activities by various partners
  • arranging Destructive Testing (DT) and Non Destructive Testing by ApplusRtd and Element
  • performing logistic handling and storage facilities
  • providing of innovation with the Pipe Grabber ®

Herstaco is located in Middelburg, Holland. This location is strategic for its customers near the ports of Flushing (Vlissingen), Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Herstaco is active in the following markets:

  • Infrastructure
  • Civil Engineering Construction (Ground, Road and Water Construction)
  • Harbour construction: steel tubes with sheet pile lock for quay walls
  • Shipping and Waterway purposes
  • Marine vessel construction
  • Machine construction

Independent testing and inspection of the quality of the steel pipes and the welds

Herstaco is a reliable and trustworthy supplier of steel pipes. Also Herstaco Tube Welding, its welding company, is well-known and delivers a constant level of quality.

Upon request, the steel pipes and the welds can be tested at surcharge by external specialists such as SGS, Element and ApplusRtd:

  • Destructive Testing (DT): an independent mechanical and/ or chemical analysis with/ or without an impact test
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT): independent Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic testing or Radiographic testing

Of course, you are free to send in your own specialist.

Would you like to learn more about our products, services and prices? Please contact Herstaco: +31 118 635 511